30th August 2017

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For a text to be successful, elements of the setting must be recognizable

“ Modesty in is visibility never forget it. To be seen to be seen is to be penetrated. What you bust be girls is impenetrable.” The written text ‘The Handmaids Tale’ is a very successful text in my opinion. However, I disagree that the setting must be recognizable in order for the text to be successful. Margret Atwood creates ‘The Handmaids Tale’ to send a message, to provoke thought from the reader about our future and our past. This purpose of the text reflects well with the genre of Dystopian literature. This message/ warning for our future is successfully displayed through control of sexuality. I cannot recognize with the setting as it is so vastly different to my own world, in fact, is the polar opposite, yet, I as the reader have successfully received the message that Atwood is trying to portray, thus making the text successful. I live and exist as a 17-year-old Women of European race, in a wealthy Country, and in a wealthy family. The government that rules my country resides under a demodectic electoral system, with a constitutional monarchy in which there is a parliamentary system of government.  Gilead is a state ruled by religious fundamentalism, a theocratic regime that takes over the United States of America. All the freedoms women have gained are all revoked and language is forbidden to all but the male elite. Gilead has extremely strict classing systems and hierarchy, everyone is assigned to a specific class and are demanded to carry out their roles. 

Gilead has a strict class system and hierarchy, with everyone being assigned to a particular class and expected to fulfill certain roles. The high-ranking men who govern Gilead are known as Commanders of the FaithfulThe Eyes serve as Gilead’s police force and spies. Guardians serve as bodyguards, security officers and personal drivers to Commanders, while Angels serve as soldiers and can become high-ranking if they serve their country well.

Gilead is a patriarchal society, with only men having access to education and holding political positions. Women are regarded as second-class citizens as they cannot hold property or be employed, and must submit to the authority of men. Women, except for Aunts, are forbidden to read or write. The lowest class of women are probably Econowives, who are wed to poor or low-ranking men and must fulfil all functions of a Gileadean woman. Wives are probably the highest-ranking women, though they still remain oppressed. Unwomen and similar criminals or “infidels” are not considered citizens at all.

Gilead is a strict, totalitarian regime that bases its laws and customs around a very literal, fundamentalist interpretation of the Christian Bible, in particular the Old Testament. Hence, much of their teachings and legislation are influenced by their own rigid interpretation of scripture.

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