7th June 2017

3.9 Planning and notes


Intro:                                                                                                                                                                  Body paragraph 1= Domino scene analysis                                                                                                              Body paragraph 2= Fight scene analysis                                                                                                                  Conclusion

Remember to: Utilise the S.E.X.Y essay structure essay structure                                                                         Drive your analysis by referring to “must address” bits                                                                                             Use academic terminology                                                                                                                                        Refer to the scene and how it affects the entirety of the film.

Context: Both body paragraphs need to have the same directors intention (Not one per para). Remember this intention is presented throughout the entirety of the film and particularly evident in these 2 scenes.

You must address: Two cinematography techniques (and give examples of these) and how they work together to;

-Create an effect for the audience

-Present the directors intentions

-position the viewer

-Cause the viewer to reflect on societal issues.


Important notes for the film scene analysis

References in the film to events surrounding the current american adnminstration. These include:

  • The “black bags” worn by the prisoners in larkhill, these have been seen as a reference to the black bags worn by the prisoners at ‘Abu Ghraib’ in Iraq and Guatanamo Bay in U.S aministered Cuba, though the pre-matrix also references ‘Black bags’.
  • london is under “yellow-coded” curfew alert, similar to the US government’s colou-coded homeland security advisory system.
  • There is use of the term “rendition” in the film, in reference to the way the regime removes undesirable from society.
  • There is real life footage from the valerie flashbacks of the anti-Iraq war demonstration, with mention of president Bush.


As the summer approaches, Hollywood is gearing up for its seasonal hits. Studios are beginning to churn out their action-packed blockbusters.

Andy and Larry Wachowski are back, producing the film “V for Vendetta,” which is based on the graphic novel written by Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

In the film, the main character,V, opposes the oppressive and controlling British government.

The viewer is quickly forced to decide whether he or she feels that V is a freedom fighter or a terrorist.

Controversy is beginning to form around the film; even MTV did a special on what viewers thought of the film and its message.

Some felt that V, who promotes change through chaos by blowing up buildings and killing public officials, is a terrorist.

But as the tragic hero of the story, some believed “V for Vendetta” is sending the wrong message by defending the use of violence and, ultimately, terrorism.

It would be easy to construe the film as pro-terrorist propaganda, but the director and producers were trying to convey a higher message.

In V’s world, the government has taken all civil liberties from its citizens, allowing them to spy on anyone without warrant at anytime and even establishes a nightly curfew.

V claims that the freedoms and liberties the government stands for have become meaningless words.

He blames the poor state of the nation on the idleness of its citizens. V’s purpose is to awaken the public and rally them to fight back against the government’s control.

With torture scenes in prisons that look reminiscent of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay, it is apparent that the film is trying to say something about the U.S.

A news report in the beginning of the movie states that the U.S. is now a Third World country after squandering all its resources. The reason that England is completely run by the State is because the U.S.-led war in Iraq has spread throughout all of Europe.

Although the story takes place in England, the film’s real concern is the U.S.

“V for Vendetta” sends a strong message to its viewers.

It warns them of how apathy and

idleness can allow a government to strip rights and freedoms right out from under a person’s nose.

Unless the people speak out and hold the government accountable, nothing is done to stop the theft of their civil liberties.

As debates continue about unwarranted phone tapping and the government’s right to see what citizens searched on Google, remember that change occurs slowly over time.

Not unlike “The Matrix,” the Wachowski brothers’ newest endeavor is another film about awakening.

V’s actions are for the purpose of battling the indifference of the general public and inspiring it to rise up.

Although tagged as a terrorist, V strives for the freedom that everyone is granted.

V opposes tyrannical rule and control and stands up for his beliefs.

He does not sit around with the attitude that someone else will handle the problem.

V is an idea, a belief that he can make a difference, something that should not be forgotten. After all, as it is stated in the movie, “V is every one of us.”

“V for Vendetta” is a movie that makes viewers think. Is V right in what he is doing? Could the totalitarian rule portrayed in the movie ever exist?

Most importantly, it carries the message of political action. Rather than looking at the violence V causes in the movie, look at the inaction of the public that led to violence as the only option.

The Wachowski brothers have made another great film. The movie is action-packed, thought-provoking and fun to watch.

But one can take more away from the film than the satisfaction of knowing that $8.50 was not wasted.

As fictional and far-fetched as the film may seem, the message “V for Vendetta” carries is strong and true: hold the government accountable and stay politically active.

If we are all more aware of what is going on, we will never be in the situation where we wish to seek revenge to begin with.

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