I take notice to my chest, it ache’s and throbs. My shoulders take charge of me, throwing me into a slump, wrenching my spine. I can feel the redness of my eyes burn, I can feel the lower part of my eye being dragged down to my chin from endless exhaustion, from endless terroir. She […]

-600-1000 words -Theme of control When do you feel controlled, or out of control? Ideas; -The character as he/she falls asleep, the feeling of being so out of control as your mind evaluates life -A ballet dancer with strict teacher feeling the pressure and stress from everything until but is just craving attention. -A young girl’s Grandad commits […]

V for Vendetta scene analysis. “Weapons and technology may help win wars, but it is only ideas that have the power to truly change the world.” (Simon Adams) V as the protagonist in ‘V for Vendetta’ hides behind the symbolic Guy Faulks mask which both physically and symbolically obscure’s his identity. V hides behind his […]

Structure: Intro:                                                                                                           […]

The advancement of technology creates a fear that one day technology may take over and control our lives. Director Spielberg carefully and cleverly creates this fear through the dystopian film ‘Minority Report’. In the spider scene Spielberg has highlighted this idea or theme to make the viewer feel this fear for technological advancement’s and for […]

Superiority leads to exploitation. To exploit is to make full use of and derive benefit from a resource. Margaret Atwood exposes male exploitation of power leading to the oppression of women. “We are two-legged wombs, that’s all:” Women, the protectors of life,’vessels’ for the future, life forms of independence and of overcoming a challenge, this […]