The advancement of technology creates a fear that one day technology may take over and control our lives. Director Spielberg carefully and cleverly creates this fear through the dystopian film ‘Minority Report’. In the spider scene Spielberg has highlighted this idea or theme to make the viewer feel this fear for technological advancement’s and for […]

Superiority leads to exploitation. To exploit is to make full use of and derive benefit from a resource. Margaret Atwood exposes male exploitation of power leading to the oppression of women. “We are two-legged wombs, that’s all:” Women, the protectors of life,’vessels’ for the future, life forms of independence and of overcoming a challenge, this […]

3.4 planning possibilities control -Womens right’s Superiority in the Handmaids exposes men’s exploitation of their higheracy to oppress women for their fertility uses. Main body paragraph 1: Control of women as a general over view MBP 2: Control through fear MBP3: Control of sexuality Thing to include -How Men in history have exploited their power, […]

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